Cost: £280 for the four Studio Days
Deposit: £140

Dates for  2019:

Thursday  21st March 2019

Friday     5th April 2019

Friday   10th May 2019

Friday    7th June 2019

there will be a Composition and Drawing weekend in March and a Watercolour weekend in May.




Studio Days

The  four ‘one day’ sessions spent in the studio once a month will benefit those unable to study for a whole week.   During the four months we will explore the many aspects of constructing a painting from drawing and planning to colour mixing and application.  The day begins with a short talk with pictures to show the methods and various approaches used by artists relating to the day's work.   The studio has a substantial collection of art books also for reference.

At the end of each day we will discuss the homework, an integral aspect of the course; homework will encourage drawing to be a more constant and continuous activity reflecting everyday life and objects.  A sketch book will be provided for this.

The day will begin at 9.30  with a break at 11.00.   At 11.30 we will work until lunch at 1.00pm (which is not provided) and begin the afternoon session at 2.00pm until 5.30 with a pause for tea.  

The Studio is equipped with easels, stools, boards, palettes, paint, brushes and paper.   Although students are welcome to bring their own materials for safety reasons the amount of personal items is kept to a minimum in the working space.  Overalls/aprons are recommended as are boots and a warm coat for working outside, whatever the season.  A pad/book is helpful for taking notes.