2018 art courses 

In a small group of eight people we will work in the studio or go out to experience the surrounding landscape.  The three days will run from Monday to Wednesday and each day begins at 9.30.  Coffee and tea are provided at 11.00.  There will be a break from 1.00 until 2.00 pm when students can eat in the long room or go into the village. Lunch is not provided. The day will end at 5.30 pm. There are places to stay in the area and the local town is Dulverton which has both restaurants and shops.  

Cost:   £210 for 3 day courses
Deposit: £120

20, 21, 22 August 2018

three Drawing and colour days  



During the three days we concentrate on colour and, if the weather allows, we can respond to the colours of the moor at this time of year.  We will use watercolour and acrylics to experiment and learn about complimentary colours, balance and tone; looking at the application of paint and the many styles of established painters in the history of art.   Drawing with considered composition using various mediums will be part of these days and will give us structure for the paintings.  Discoveries will be made and, as colour is intensely personal, I hope these days will be exciting and helpful to further development.

dates to be announced

Watercolour DAYS 

 Edwina Broadbent  

Edwina Broadbent  


Watercolour is a manageable medium and a fast way of recording what you see, especially colours.  It can be applied wet or, if desired, by using the ‘dry’ method.  This means the paper is not wet and the paint dries before more watercolour is applied, thus creating luminosity and a ‘handshake' of colour in the overlapping areas; the warmth of the studio will aid this process.  

We will experiment with brushes and papers,  practise how to load a brush and arrive at our own way of using watercolour to produce vibrant and spontaneous images of flowers and still life.  We will explore colour combinations, examine the balance of warm and cool in a painting and learn  how to apply watercolour in an enjoyable way.  I hope this week will encourage you to keep a little box of colour and a good brush with you at all times.   

dates to be announced

Drawing for Painting 


The critic John Berger said of the painter Peter Lanyon: "He searches for something which includes a sailor's knowledge of the coastline, a poacher's knowledge of the cover, a miner's knowledge of the seams, a surveyor's knowledge of the contours, a native's knowledge of the local ghosts".  Although he was specifically referring to the Cornish landscape, these observations do also relate to this coastal area of Somerset.  During this week  it will be possible to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and the moods of the moor and  you will be surprised by its ever changing light.

We will evaluate the process of drawing for a painting and consider different approaches to the task of interpreting a subject by experimenting with different mediums, including oil paint, offering us more possibilities.  Weather permitting, we will attempt to work out on the moor.  Whatever you hope to achieve I think you will find your time spent this week at The Linhay Studio is filled with a succession of small victories.


dates to be announced

Autumn Colour Week 


During this week the emphasis will be on mixing oil colour.  Working with a limited palette each day we will mix and use colour with an understanding of colour ‘key’ coupled with practice in the application of this sometimes difficult medium.     The beech trees and hedges of Exmoor are ideal subjects because their windblown energy and intricate outlines, with added autumn colour, are an irresistible sight.  If you have never had an opportunity to use oil paint I strongly recommend this particular week; the moor is at its best with maroons, warm greys, oranges and pale ocres.   You will be surrounded by heartstopping colour.